Luigi Quaglia Gioielli

Every Quaglia jewel is unique and inimitable

All Quaglia creations are finished by hand enhancing Made in Italy within our workshops in the heart of Milan.

As a guarantee and protection for our customers, each and every piece of Quaglia’s jewellery comes with a certificate to confirm its authenticity.

Exclusive and inimitable jewelry

Each product is stamped internally with the title of the 18 kt gold – 750‰ and our trademark 1588 MI. Quaglia’s “Q” is also applied, embellishing the jewelry and guaranteeing its authenticity.

We certify that the presence of nickel in our products complies with the current European standard EN 1811:2011

Made in Italy

All Quaglia creations are finished by hand, with care and precision, by specialized master goldsmiths, unique and inimitable in their highly refined style and attentive to the latest trends.

To guarantee our customers a high-quality product, each piece of jewellery is analysed and checked in all its creation processes by our team of experts: from conception to design, from the careful selection of gold to the setting of the finest stones.

The choice of diamonds

All diamonds used in the making of Quaglia jewellery do not come from conflict areas and comply with United Nations resolutions.

The Quaglia team ensures that the stones have been mined and processed in a way that respects human and labour rights and does not produce environmental damage according to prevailing industry standards.

Each creation is designed to maximize the beauty of the mounted diamond, taking into account its natural characteristics.

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