Luigi Quaglia Gioielli

Anima Collection

“Color is a means of exerting a
direct influence on the Soul”

Wassily Kandinsky


was born from an idea that wants to be a spark, a small light, that can help
each of us to feel good about ourselves, others and the environment around us

Meaning of Symbols

TORTOISE: Symbol of wisdom, immortality and
connection between heaven and earth

HEART: Symbol of soul love

MANDALA: Spiritual and ritual symbol useful for

Q: Symbol of quality

Meaning of Colours

WHITE: Rebirth, purity, ideas, freedom, peace, new beginning

BROWN: Protection, security, recalls tree trunks, rootedness to the earth, life opening to new furrows

BLUE: Inner peace, meditation, calm, ability to daydream, imagination

RED: Passion, strength, vitality, courage, goal orientation

YELLOW: Solarity, wisdom, intelligence, serenity, evolutionary growth

ORANGE: Joy, creativity, pleasure, contentment, cheerfulness

GREEN: Love for nature, connection with the green world, joy toward all that sprouts and comes from the inside of the human being


Over the years, Quaglia has created extraordinary events to present its jewellery lines in gold, diamonds and precious stones. It has collaborated with influential personalities from the worlds of entertainment and sport. The most important newspapers have spoken of his creations and handmade jewellery recognised in Italy and around the world.

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