Luigi Quaglia Gioielli

Our commitment

No one owns the Earth, but we all have the duty to protect it.

The commitment and passion we put into making qualitatively superior products is also well grounded in production sustainability, something the Company cares deeply about.

Think Green

Adopting a green philosophy sums up the attention we pay to environmental issues, knowing that the Environment, in addition to being a source of inspiration for any artistic creation, is the primary asset for humanity’s existence

That is why we go beyond compliance with industry regulations and standards and scrupulously control our supply chain, verifying the places of origin of metals and precious stones.
We favour production systems with low environmental impact and eco-friendly packaging.

“Think Green” is not meant to be an empty label but an indispensable business ethic, an ongoing commitment for a company that wants to grow and excel in a responsible and sustainable way. This is what we do and what we believe in.